Office of Education and Formation

The Office of Education and Formation seeks to provide the best Priestly Education, Continuing Education and Pastoral Formation for the Clergy of the PCC. Chaired by and under the direction of Bishop Robert Chung, The Office of Education and Formation offers many exciting programs aimed at providing a wide variety of challenging educational opportunities for our Clergy in order to keep them on the cutting edge of Pastoral Care.

Our in-house Program of Priestly Formation delivers the finest quality Education for our Clergy.  Our outstanding faculty and smaller class sizes are geared to provide the student a mentoring process guaranteed to enhance the educational experience.


All Persons, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status or gender affiliation are welcome and encouraged to seek Ordination to the Diaconate and Priesthood through the Progressive Catholic Church. Our process is simple and grounded in our Lord’s word’s to Philip, “Come and see…”. We invite you to enter into dialogue with Father Robert Chung and begin your journey in response to the Call of the Holy Spirit

Please send a letter of inquiry to Rt. Rev. Robert Chung to get the process going!


Robert Chung Seminary Photo


Please email him at Bishop Robert Chung


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