Little Portion Franciscan Hermitage Congregation of Franciscan Servants


Little Portion Franciscan Hermitage is the Mother Convent of the Congregation of Franciscan Servants a Religious Order of the Progressive Catholic Church International located in Greenville, SC. Our Hermitage hosts Daily Mass and Divine Office, Sunday Mass and Community Dinner, Fellowship for those in Recovery, and many other activities.
Holy Mass is celebrated in Chapel using the Novus Ordo.

Come and experience a community of Love and Blessing where all are welcome!

St. Francis of Assisi, 2

General Schedule of Prayer

Morning Prayer 8:30 AM
Holy Mass 1:00 PM (followed by Lite Lunch weekdays or Dinner on Sundays)
Afternoon Prayer 3:00 PM
Evening Prayer 5:00 PM
Night Prayer On retiring (said Individually)

Visitors are welcome to Come to Holy Mass and to Morning, Afternoon and Evening Prayer.

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