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Province of the United States

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Metropolia of Saint Joseph


The Right Reverend  Friar Joseph Ciccone, CFS
Bishop Ordinary of New Jersey
Bishop Protector of Diocese of Pennsylvania
Associate Director, Office of Vocations
Pastor and Rector, St. Joseph Mission Church
450 Wilfred Terrace
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010-1402



Bp Johnathan Grey
Right Reverend Jonathan E. Gray

Bishop Ordinary of Albany, NY
Rector St. Paul VI




Reverend Deacon Ronald Ricardo Bohorquez Bermudez
St. Joseph Mission
New Jersey



Fr. John Connars
Reverend Father  John Connors




Reverend  Father Jeff Grant, JD, M Div
St. Joseph’s Church
Cliffside Park, NJ
Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.
Greenwich CT & Nationwide



Reverend Mother Dorothy Klemas
Sacramental Ministries


SHaun Little

Reverend Father Shaun Little
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




Very Reverend Father William A. Mentz CFS Novice
Vicar General of the Diocese of Pennsylvania
Pastor and Rector St. Francis and Clare Progressive Catholic Community
Director, Human Resources
Scranton, PA


Reverend Father Frank M Gillette

St Francis and Clare Progressive Catholic Community

Director of Father Frank M. Gillette’s Homeless Ministry and Outreach
  Scranton, Pennsylvania 18509

Phone- 570-687-4585                                Email:


DeaconRix Thornsell

Reverend  Father Rix Thorsell, CFS Novice
Minneapolis, MN
Working under Metropolitan Joseph Ciccone CFS


Sister Nicole
Sister Nicole Angelica CFS Novice
Minister of the Word and Altar


Reverend Father Stephen Ryan-Vuotto

Rector of St John XXIII mission

Amsterdam, New York




Sister Mary Brown

First Vows as a Sister of Saint Joseph taken on Sept. 7, 2020

Assigned to Fr. John in New Jersey



Metropolia of San Martin DePores



Reverend Father Beau M Minson, Sr

Decatur, Illinois.

Pastor and Rector Divine Mercy Old Catholic Community

+1 (225)-240-0275 Cell


Jim TaylorJames Taylor
Sts. Frances and Clare
  Scranton PA


Metropolia of Sts Dominic and Francis


The Right Reverend Friar Jay Van Lieshout, OPI
 Bishop Ordinary Diocese of the Southeast
Rector, Ermitage de San Souci (Dominican)
Email Secretary Van Lieshout
Greenville, SC


Most Reverend Friar Lord A. Edmund N. Cass, CFS, OCR, M.A., M. Div., D. D.
Bishop Ordinary, Diocese of South Carolina
Servant General
: Congregation of Franciscan Servants
Director of Sancta Sophia Institute
Little Portion Franciscan Hermitage
PACEM Recovery Center
106 Courtney Circle
Greenville SC, 29617


Jonathan JonesReverend Deacon Jonathan Jones
Transfiguration Parish
Little Portion Franciscan Hermitage

Greenville SC


Reverend Mother. Mary Antoninia Elizabeth, OSB
Benedictine Abbess
Cell phone is : 502-264-2004


Deacon Ben Janzen

 Reverend Father Ben Janzen CFS
  San Diego, CA
San Damiano Progressive Catholic Community


  Metropolia of St Louis IX

Bishop Francis Fortenot

Right Reverend Francis Fontenot CFS OCR
Bishop Ordinary Diocese of the Deep South
1246 Prairie HYWY
St. Martinsville, LA 70582
email Bishop Fontenot


Province of Latin America


Right Reverend Jose Antonio Valle
Metropolitan of All Latin America
(Mexico, Central and South America)
Managua, Nicaragua

Province of CANADA

Bp Joe

The Right Reverend Joe McClellan
Metropolitan Bishop
Director, Office of Social Justice
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada



Reverend Deacon Don Wren

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Province of the United Kingdom


Bishop Barry Frier

Right Reverend Barry Frier (Presiding Bishop)

Metropolitan of the United Kingdom

Pastor of Sunrise Cathedral (Online Community from January 2021)

Director, Office of Communications and Media Relations

Contact via Email click here



Province Central Europe


Metropolia of Italy and Spain

Website for Italy and Spain

Facebook page



Reverend Mother Teodora Tosatti (Bishop Elect) 

parrocchia “Gesù Servitore” – Perugia


Decano Stefano Peiretti

Reverend Deacon Stefano Peiretti

parrocchia “Gesù, Pane di Vita” – Torino


Reverend Father  Jose Vanegas

parrocchia “Dio, Padre misericordioso” – Roma



Reverend Father Salvatore Mauriello
parrocchia “Gesù Salvatore” – Napoli



Fr. Giuliano Costalunga

Reverend Father Giuliano Costalunga

parrocchia “Veritas nos liberabit” – Gran Canaria


Communion Partners

Lynn Walker


Ecumenical Officer

Orthodox Catholic Church of America

New York, NY




The Right Reverend Daniel (Daniel de Jesús Ruiz Flores), CFS

Metropolitan of Mexico

Email Metropolitan DANIEL

Skete of The Most Holy Trinity / Skete de la Santísima Trinidad

Pino 20

Unidad del Bosque

91010, Xalapa, Veracruz



The Very Reverend Father Konstantin (Carlos Andrés Flores Ojeda), CFS

Vicar General of Mexico

Skete of The Most Holy Trinity / Skete de la Santísima Trinidad

Pino 20

Unidad del Bosque

91010, Xalapa, Veracruz

The Reverend  Father  Timofej (Óscar Enrique Velázquez Ruvalcaba), CFS

Skete of The Most Holy Trinity / Skete de la Santísima Trinidad

Pino 20
Unidad del Bosque
91010, Xalapa, Veracruz
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