About us

The Progressive Catholic Church International (PCCI) is a vibrant Catholic Jurisdiction.  Our Synod of Bishops gently guides the Church modeling their ministry on that of Christ who washed the feet of His disciples. Serving the People of God is our heart and soul.  We are a Conciliar Church, that is we are governed by our Council of Bishops, chaired by our Presiding Bishop.  Though our Apostolic Succession flows from the Old Catholic Movement of Utrecht, Holland, The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Progressive Catholic Church International (PCCI) is a Vatican II Church, welcoming, accepting and embracing, seeking to provide a place where all people may come to celebrate the truth of the Gospel as proclaimed through our Catholic Faith for today.

 The PCC is a member of the International Council of Community Churches and an affiliate of the World Council of the Churches in Geneva, Switzerland.  Find one of our Fellowships near you today and join in celebrating a life renewed in Christ!  We are represented in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain , Italy, Mexico, Latin America, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

We are “Progressive” in that we are an inclusive Church, barring no one from full participation in every aspect of the Church body including Ordination to the Priesthood and our Religious Orders.  In every other way we share all things in common, including valid Episcopacy through unquestioned lines of Apostolic Succession, Priesthood, and Sacraments with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church throughout the world.   


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